HLV4020HTIR210RAT Forest Fireproof Thermal Camera

Adopting continuous zooming thermal imaging technology, imaging clearly, can search in large area and recognize objectives in long distance

Day and night 2 megapixels low illuminance color camera, penetrating fog, can match detail observation

640×512 High resolution uncooled microbolometer infrared focal plane arrayswith high temp sensitivity, NETD ≤ 50mK

Auto focusing function, realizing multiple focusing mode and triggering mode

Thermal imaging camera presetting function, remembering FOV of each preset bit, enhancing working efficiency

3D locate function,choose for amplification and click for center both can be realized for the images in thermal imager and visible light,which can reduce difficulty in operation and improve usability of equipment

Universal shift speed pan-tilt,realize whole monitoring and high precision orientation

Professional shell design,beautiful,light and strong,high temp

resistant,anti-corrosion,waterproof and acid rain prevented