VLV3000 Integrated Long Range Night Vision Camera

● Double side-load design,effectively suppress white image picture caused by back scattering

● SSZ intelligent synchronous zoom technology,analyse lens focal and outside controlling information real-time; lighting spot can sync zoom and long distance adjust independently

● MQMM Light homogenization,multi quanta array laser coupling and lens wave guide fiber mixed mode homogenization, avoid laser speckle, illumination become more uniformity.

● Laser protection technology,special laser constant current drive circuit,1s power supply slowly,effectively avoid power peak,Laser light tube core sealed with nitrogen, eliminate the influence of wet steam & dust,and prolong the lifetime of illuminator

● IDE image enhancement technology,contrast detail enhancement,DNR non noise processing,effectively eliminate random snowflakes noise,make image more smooth and fine

● MMA external micro-adjusting alignment technology,high precision micro mechanical axis alignment adjustment,reserved adjusting window,no need to remove cover for easy maintenance

● Lens with multilayer AR coating film,penetration rate over 85%