HLV535 HD Integrated Night vision camera


● Adopting laser illuminating system, far illuminating distance, wide illuminating range, can monitor in 0Lux completely black

● Day&night low light megapixel color to black camera, day&night continuous monitoring

● Auto white balance, auto gain control, auto exposure control

● High performance video processing chip and H.264 high efficiency video code, providing millions of high definition video image

● Dual stream function, small time delay, fully satisfying different network bandwidth

● Fully supporting ONVIF,GB/T28181,providing SDK, can dock with main monitoring platform home and broad

● Motion detection and alarm linkage, providing intelligent video monitoring application

● Capturing and videoing, supporting WEB browsing video, provide access to NVR platform to conduct parameter configuration and operation state management

● Adopting high performance power supply program, wide voltage input, low power consumption, suitable for special power supplying mode such as solar power

● Professionally designed shell, artistic, light, firm, anti-high temp, anti-corrosion, water proof, anti-acid rain

● Supporting configuration management and video browsing through WEB;

● Provide access to platform(NVR) to conduct parameter configuration and operating state management, supporting ONVIF2.0, GB28181