HALV300 HD Rotary Night Vision Camera

Product Features

● Adopting the second generation laser illuminating system,LCMM laser homogenization technology,homogeneous and exquisite laser spot

● 20× day&night low-lux 2 megapixel color to black camera,realizing day&night continuous monitoring

● Super large angle continuous servo synchronous zooming laser illuminator and MMA internal optical axis fine adjustment aligned technology

● High-performance embedded processor,adopting high efficiency H264 compression algorithm,providing clear,real-time and fluent video

● Supporting dual-stream,small time delay,fully satisfying different network bandwidth environment in practical application

● Fully supporting ONVIF,GB/T28181,providing SDK,can dock with main monitoring platform home and abroad

● Supporting WEB browsing video,can dock with NVR platform to conduct parameter configuration and operate state management

● Humanization design,high intelligence,supporting 3D locating,power off memory,zooming and speed changing

● Spherical design enhancing wind-resistant capability of the pan-tilt,all-metal shell enhancing heat dissipation performance of the complete machine

●  Special reinforcing design,satisfying all kinds of vehicles and vessels